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TrackBack Working Group Primer

The following outlines the rules, norms and process of this working group.

What is this group for?

This working group is dedicated to fulfillment of the TrackBackCharter, or in simple terms: to resolving the issues surrounding the use of "Pings" to inform services of the existence of new resources available over the web.

One of the first objectives of the group is to codify Trackback as a standard.

Who can join the working group? And how do I join?

The working group is open to anyone to participate in. To join, simply subscribe to the MailingList. Once you have joined you will begin receiving emails sent by group members to the mailing list.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the working group's conversations, but we would ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the IETF Code of Conduct.

Submitting Ideas and Proposals

Everyone is welcome to discuss and share ideas, questions and concerns they have at any time. However, experience has shown that discussion is most productive when structured around a concrete proposal. If you believe a draft document should be changed in any way, it is best to describe in concrete terms the exact changes you would like to see made. That document is called a "Pace."

Once a Pace is written, you should notify the working group via the mailing list of the existence of the Pace so that others can be begin submitting feedback. After discussion has stopped and concensus has been reached the contents of the pace (plus any edits that we discussed by the group) will be incorporated into the draft.