Change #3 by Byrne Reese at 2006-02-21 19:50:54.

What is a "Pace?"

According to <cough> "legend," the term "Pace" came from the Atom Working Group and stands for "Proposed Atom Change Enhancement" or something. The term and process is being co-opted by the TrackBack Working Group to facilitate change requests from the community to the TrackBack specification.

What is the Pace Process?

To ensure that all change requests are actionable and represent a concrete and specific change to the TrackBack specification, those wishing to submit an idea should do so in the form a Pace Document or wiki page. This document should contain:

Then send a note to the mailing list about the new Pace and then respond to questions and feedback raised by the community. If you need to make subsequent changes to the proposal you are free to do so.

Link to the Pace you created on the TrackBackPaces page.

Periodically, editors and moderators from the community will review Paces and determine whether concensus was established around the Pace or not. If so, the Pace will be incorporated into the TrackBack specification.