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Trackback Working Group Charter

This is the IETF charter for the Trackback Working Group.


Proposed: Sam Ruby

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Description of Working Group

The Trackback protocol defines a framework for peer-to-peer communication and notification between web sites. The central artifact of the Trackback protocol is an HTTP request called a "Ping" that is used to essentially communicate that "resource A is related to or linked to by resource B".

Trackback consists of:

While Trackback has been broadly adopted and implemented by the market, there are still many unresolved security concerns associated with the protocol that must be resolved. Furthermore, minute variations in the protocol have evolved to serve slightly different needs.

This Working Group is chartered to address these security concerns and attempt to consolidate similar ping-like protocols used by the industry into a cohesive, interoperable, secure and extensible Internet standard.

Although not encouraged, non-backwards-compatible changes to the basis specifications will be acceptable if the working group determines that the changes are required to meet the group's technical objectives and the group clearly documents the reasons for making them.

The working group will leverage the experience of IETF veterans, JamesSnell and SamRuby, to usher the proposal through the standards process. The process observed by the working group will take lessons from other IETF working groups in collecting documentation and proposals from WG members to drive more quickly towards concesus by focusing the conversation around concrete changes members would like to see made to existing drafts.