Binary file archive

Some binary files that were hard to obtain

Commander Genius

Commander Keen interpreter. apk files were not available on the official download page.

Update: They are available there since 2015-04.

OUYA kernel

Self-compiled kernel for the OUYA gaming console.

Joystick support

OUYA kernel built with CONFIG_HIDRAW, CONFIG_HID_PANTHERLORD and CONFIG_HID_MICROSOFT for additional joystick support.

See OUYA: Using own USB joysticks for more information.

OUYA recovery

Taken from an XDA thread. See my blog post for more information.

OUYA developer welcome video

Rescued from a OUYA developer console with software version 0.0.5. The OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman wishes the developers a warm welcome.

Philips DVP3360 firmware

A romanian hacker named vb6rocod made custom firmware for the Philips DVP3360 DVD player and published that on his page.

This was in 2009, but in 2016 all the download URLs were broken. I managed to find some of the files:

Also have a look at the upgrade instructions. I upgraded the firmware via USB; worked fine.

My hope was that the custom firmware would ignore the UOP flag that prevents you from skipping chapters, but unfortunately it is still obeyed.

At least the configured volume is stored now - that annoyed me quite a bit.

Tolino Vision 4 HD boot image

A boot image with a rooted adb for firmware 12.2.0, 13.2.1 and 14.1.0. At least the 14.1.0 image works on the Vision 3, too.

Bring the reader into fastboot mode, flash it and boot it up.