qmail-users(5)     Headers, Tables, and Macros     qmail-users(5)

     qmail-users - assign mail addresses to users

     The file /var/qmail/users/assign assigns addresses to users.
     For example,


     says that mail for joe.shmoe should  be  delivered  to  user
     joe,   with   uid   503   and   gid   78,  as  specified  by

     Assignments fed to qmail-newu will be used  by  qmail-lspawn
     to  control qmail-local's deliveries.  See qmail-newu(8).  A
     change to /var/qmail/users/assign will have no effect  until
     qmail-newu is run.

     /var/qmail/users/assign is a series of assignments, one  per
     line.   It  ends with a line containing a single dot.  Lines
     must not contain NUL.

     A simple assignment is a line of the form


     Here local is an address; user, uid, and gid are the account
     name,  uid, and gid of the user in charge of local; and mes-
     sages to local will be controlled by homedir/.qmaildashext.

     If there are several assignments for the same local address,
     qmail-lspawn will use the first one.

     local is interpreted without regard to case.

     A wildcard assignment is a line of the form


     This assignment applies to any address beginning  with  loc,
     including loc itself.  It means the same as


     for every string ext.

     A  more  specific  wildcard  assignment  overrides  a   less
     specific  assignment,  and a simple assignment overrides any
     wildcard assignment.  For example:

SunOS 5.5                 Last change:                          1

qmail-users(5)     Headers, Tables, and Macros     qmail-users(5)


     The address joe is handled by the third  line;  the  address
     joe-direct  is  handled by the second line; the address bill
     is handled by the first line.

     qmail-pw2u(8), qmail-newu(8), qmail-lspawn(8)

SunOS 5.5                 Last change:                          2